Process analysis

Not see the forest for all the trees

The many seemingly unnecessary alarms are causing huge problems in the process industry, and there are uncertainties on how to solve the problem and where to put down the efforts.

Silent Control has the solution for an improved alarm handling with focus on reduction of nuisance alarms. Our systematic analysis of all the signals in the process identifies problem areas and produces solutions to an enhanced alarm handling. Mostly, well-known and common methods are suggested. By the use of our specially developed software we can deliver a good basis for well-founded decisions. Up to 90 % of the nuisance alarms can be removed.

The solution

Our solution is mostly computerized which makes it very fast and with low costs. The methods can be applied to all modern control systems, no matter of line of business or the size of the plant.

Our process analysis produces concrete results. We give you suggestions, which are confirmed through simulations, on how to improve the system. The customer decides on which changes is to be carried out.

A process analysis consists of both an alarm analysis and a correlation analysis. Together they create, if not an intelligent alarm system, at least a system with common sense.