The silence of the alarms...

Up to 90% of the alarms can be avoided by using Silent Controls products!

The industry looses billions of dollars every year due to alarm problems. Important alarms are hidden in the huge flood of unimportant alarms, which makes it difficult for the operator to take right actions.

Silent Control have solutions for an improved handling of alarms, with the focus on reducing the amount of nuisance alarms. A process analysis by Silent Control can be carried out on all modern control systems, without having to invest in expensive new- or add-on systems. Our methodology reduces the amount of nuisance alarms by up to 90%, and it has proved to be a very time- and cost efficient way to improve the alarm situation on the plant.

"Before, we had so many alarms that the operators turned the alarm system off. Through the process analysis, we found out where the system failed, and we are going to fix that now."

Mats-Ola Finn, research engineer LKAB